Digital Library

Here the public can access the annual documents detailing the main activities and programs of the I²T².

Available in Spanish only.

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CONACYT Research Centers

The CONACYT Centers System comprises 27 research institutes covering the main areas of scientific and technological knowledge. They are grouped into three broad areas according to their specialties: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Technological Development and Innovation and Financing of Graduate Studies.


  • Popularizing Science and Technology.
  • Innovate in the generation, development, assimilation, and application of knowledge about Science and Technology.
  • Linking science and technology in society and the production sector to solve problems
  • Create and develop mechanisms and incentives to encourage private sector investment in scientific and technological development.
  • Providing students with activities in science, technology and networking to develop their talent.
  • Strengthen institutional capacity for scientific, humanistic and technological research.
  • To encourage and promote scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge in Mexican society.