National Week of Science and Technology
of Nuevo Leon
Social Appropriation of Science, Technology and Innovation in Nuevo Leon

Science popularization

The National Week of Science and Technology of Nuevo Leon

The National Week of Science and Technology of Nuevo Leon seeks to encourage and strengthen the popularization of science and technology and arouse in its participants, mostly students, an interest in scientific and technological disciplines.

It is a national annual event held in October in every state with the support of CONACYT. Activities in Nuevo Leon, led by the I²T², last for 1 month and are organized by a committee formed in 2011.

Strategic partners:

  • CONACYT Northeast Region
  • Education Department of Nuevo Leon -through the Coordination of Science and Technology for Children
  • Horno 3 Museum of Steel
  • PIIT
  • Middle high and high schools as well as universities
  • Research Centers
  • Businesses
  • Museums
  • Civilian associations
Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Activities 152 157 493 818 1,198
Attendance 13,201 22,786 57,043 64,186 84,585
Cities* -- -- -- 34 37
* The number of cities reached has been recorded since 2013 only
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National Week of Science and Technology of Nuevo Leon 2015 Activities

Opening of the 22nd National Week of Science and Technology of Nuevo Leon 2015.

Official opening of the event. State authorities will be present and students will participate.

Upcoming presentation of the play “Science’s Labyrinth” by Teatro Texere
Date: Monday 19 October 2015
Schedule: 09:00 to 11:30 am.
Location: City Theatre

Available in Spanish only.

Third story, novel and comic book contest “Tales about science”

For the third consecutive year, this competition will aim to excite children and young people and instill in them an interest in science and technology by telling stories in a fun and creative way.

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III Contest for Creative and Innovative Youths

For the third time, this contest aims to inspire children and young people in the path of innovation by inviting them to generate scientific and technological solutions for their community or for the market. This year, only elementary school and university students will be eligible, so that middle high and high school students can focus on the activities of the State Fair of Science and Technology.

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Science and technology activities at the International Book Fair Monterrey.

For the third year we continue this strategic alliance with the International Book Fair of Monterrey to present lectures and workshops for children about science and technology.

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Conferences Workshops for kids

Activities at the Park for Research and Technological Innovation, PIIT.

Activities for children and youngsters in different PIIT research centers and a variety of topics. There are also plans for guided tours, video presentations and discussions about scientific topics. In addition, students have the opportunity to meet and interact with researchers from PIIT in their workplaces.

Activities in educational institutions.

Activities that take place in universities and organized with their support. These activities include conferences, lectures, workshops and demonstrations about various topics in science and technology.

Science and technology workshops.

Workshops offered by research centers focusing in a variety of topics meant to encourage students’ interest in science and technology. Additionally, tours are conducted in research centers and students are given the chance to interact with researchers at their workplace.

Shaping ConScience Aeronautics Workshop