The Research and Innovation and Technology Park receives 19 outstanding students for stays in research centers .

To promote the use and development of science, technology and innovation activities, from June 26 to July 21, (PIIT), in which 19 university-level students collaborate with a researcher to carry out activities that contribute to the development of research projects in the field of research and innovation. A project or the strengthening of a research line.

Of the participating students,cartier santos replica 7 are women and 7 come from universities of other states of the country all of them attend at least the 4th ; Semester of a science-related career and have a cumulative minimum average of 8.5 or equivalent.

With full-time shifts from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. students are introduced to the research And develop their capacities, The scientific and technological vocations and the linkage between companies, research centers and higher education institutions for the best use of the scientific and technological infrastructure existing in the PIIT. >

The research centers that collaborate in the project are

  • Research Center for Strategic Product Development, Tec de Monterrey CIDEP
    • Center for Scientific and Higher Education Research, CICESE
      • Center for Research and Assistance in Technology and Design, CIATEJ
        • Research Center for Advanced Materials, CIMAV
          • Monterrey Development and Innovation Center, Schneider Electric DDIM
            • Biotechnology Incubator

              Research papers or projects that are being developed with student support are:

              1. Miniaturization of components
              2. Medical Devices / Experimental Physiological Sequence Transmission System
              3. Optomecatric / Microprocessing will be
              4. Optomechanical / Beam Control
              5. Food technology / Compositional analysis of pumpkin seed oil obtained by pressing in cold using GC / MS
              6. Food technology / Comparative evaluation of phytocompounds in fresh and dry pike chili
              7. Food Technology / Synthesis and functionalization of silicon nanoparticles
              8. Study of nanomaterials with Raman spectroscopy
              9. Nanomaterials and characterization by XPS
              10. Designing and Developing Devices through Incremental Mono-Point Conforming (SPIF)
              11. Hydrogels and nanofibers for biomedical use
              12. Preparation and characterization of light absorbing fibers by means of Forcespinning technology
              13. Manufacture of Micro Devices in Polymers Matrix by Microinjection by Ultrasound
              14. Manufacturing materials through on-demand ablating technology
              15. Mechanical biaxial elastomeric characterization. Processing and analysis of experimental data

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                As a complement to the work done by the students, during the 4 weeks in which the project is carried out, a plan / Themes such as innovation management, intellectual property, and presentation of some of the research projects that are being developed in the state.

                The project is supported by CONACYT and by the Tecnológico de Monterrey, through CIDEP, In-kind support by covering the accommodation and transportation of the 7 forayers. If it With the special participation of CGIE, Its facilities for the development of the plans / workshops.

                Link: http://i2t2.org.mx/ver_noticia.php?not=217&tip=1

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